Ingeniosus by Alice Reeds and Emma Iadanza (Part 2)

Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

   Hello Everybody!  
   Today I'm bringing you Part 2 of Ingeniosus!
   If you didn't read Part 1 yet, this way my friend.
   And I'm really sorry that it's been so long since the last post but right now I have a massive amount of things to do so it is really hard to keep up with everything. But, I hope you are not too mad.
   Anyways, enjoy the read! :) 

Ingeniosus Part 2  

Copyright © 2014 Alice Reeds and Emma Iadanza 

   “You can see into the future,” he says just as he enters the room again. How did he know I thought he would say that? “Can’t you?” 
   “I… I don’t know…” my voice trails off, “I’ve often seen things… I just thought that they were not real… and I would have dreams, and they would often come true…” I stare at him, and he stares back. “Who are you? How do you know this about me?”
   “Signora da Corinaldo, my name is Ferdinand de Renard. I am one of the Candida, too. My family has protected the others of the Candida for centuries. That is why I wear the uniform of an army officer – so it is not completely strange for me to be carrying such weapons around all the time,” he smiles, and kneels, as if to bow to me. He then takes my hand, and kisses it, like I am some member of a royal house. I make a sound as I lean forward towards him that indicates my pain, and he says, “Do not worry, Signora, I have sent for a doctor. How rude of me it would be if I did not.”
   “My good sir, you must not understand,” I tell him, “I may have this ‘sight’ and be able to see these things, but I in no way deserve to be treated as such!”
   “You must not understand, Signora da Corinaldo,” he smiles again, “Many of the members of the Candida clan are royalty to the rest of the Ingeniosus.” 
   “Royalty?” I say wondering. “This must be all a misunderstanding. I am no royalty. I am a simple farm girl and…” my voice trails off as something clouds my vision.
   I’m standing on a field just outside the village. In the distance I see dark figures coming towards me. A loud thunder fills the air and crescendos, getting louder and louder with every passing moment. Finally, I can see the figures more clearly. Men in heavy armor, sharp swords and black horses are coming towards me. They are screaming at each other, screams that sound like cheers, war cries. The world around me changes and suddenly I see the horsemen in the village. Blood and screams fill the streets. And then, there is darkness.
   “Signora, are you alright?” the officer says after shaking my shoulder again. “What have you seen?” I tell him. 
   “My God, this is horrible…” he turns around, looking for someone or something. He runs towards one of the doors, and shouts, “Léopold!” He must be calling for one of his colleagues, “Léopold! Where are you? Come here!”
   He comes back towards me, “You still haven’t told me where my grandfather is.”
   “I am sorry, signora, but the Tenebris clan has taken him…”
   My mouth gapes open. I cover it with my hand, trying to be polite.
   “I am sorry, Signorina…”
   “Can you do anything?”
   “We can,” he continues, “But it may not be safe for you, especially if–”
   “I do not care if it is safe or not! I want my grandfather back!” He is the only member of my family that I know - all of my parents’ family lived in other villages towards the south of Italy. I once met my uncle from Cerignola – he visited us while he was traveling north, towards Verona. Last I heard, he had died in an accident with his horse. Now I know that it may not be true.
   Someone arrives at the door - it is a man, dressed similar to this Ferdinand de Renard, but with darker hair. Is this the Léopold that he was calling?
   “We must leave this place,” the man said in an accent similar to Ferdinand’s, “We must get her to safety. The Tenebris will be here for you soon.” 
   All of it sounds just so strange and new, the uncomfortable type of new. I follow Ferdinand and his friend, Léopold, through the abandoned building, which we leave through the back door. Well, not so much a door, more like a hole in the wall. The sun is slowly setting as we make our way through the village, which seems peaceful and inviting. Soon we leave the village and enter the woods, which lie in the west. I’ve never been in the forest because my grandfather always told me that it isn’t safe: that bad things hide in the darkness underneath the old trees. But I don’t feel scared. I feel tired and confused, but also curious.
   Just as the night unfolds, we reach something that looks like a rock formation with a crack in the middle. As we approach, I see that it is actually a door. Ferdinand leads us through the door and into a pitch-black darkness, which is interrupted as he lights up a torch. The air is cool and I start to shiver. After a longer walk we finally arrive inside a massive cave filled with eyes that look up as we arrive. The torch goes out suddenly. I feel that all eyes are on me. 
   “Come on, friends,” Ferdinand laughs, “This is Lucrezia da Corinaldo! Do you think she is some form of impostor?”
   Suddenly, the room is filled with light, and I can see that a circle of people has formed around us. They are all pointing swords and spears at us, like we are intruders, which we might as well be. I am terrified, but try to hide it.
   “How can we be so sure that she is?” a man steps forward out of the crowd. He is tall and looks like he could be dressed as an officer like Ferdinand and Léopold, but rather wears regular breeches with no boots, and a long blue jacket, and a face that says ‘la liberte ou la mort’. He also has a French accent.
   “She has the sight,” Ferdinand insists, “She has seen something.”
   “What has she seen?” the man asks.
   “A bad future for Corinaldo… And the Woman in White.”
   The crowd mumbles to each other, debating if what Ferdinand says is true.
   “But she is hurt,” he continues, “If you do not believe me, at least help her. Then we can prove my point.”
   The man contemplates that for a moment. I suddenly feel faint, probably from my loss of blood, and begin to wobble over. Léopold and Ferdinand catch me, and help me lie down on the floor. Everything begins to spin above me. 
   The man in the blue jacket watches, and I can hear him say, “We will let her stay here for the night. And we will see if she is truly the Visium tomorrow.” After that, everything went black. 

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