Ingeniosus by Alice Reeds and Emma Iadanza (Part 3)

Dienstag, 25. März 2014

   Hello my friends!
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   Anyways, here is the next part of Ingeniosus! Because it's been a while you you may not remember what previously happened, here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2.
   I wish you all an enjoyable read and a nice week!

Ingeniosus Part 3

Copyright © 2014 Alice Reeds and Emma Iadanza 

   When I wake up, I am in a bed that is not my own. It is far more comfortable. At first, I am not sure where I am, but I see Ferdinand at my side and Léopold at the back of the room, and I remember.
   “The White Lady, she is no ordinary woman,” Ferdinand starts to tell me when he realizes that I am awake. “She was the Visium once. She was once alive, but has died, and for at least two hundred years, there has been none. She is now a spirit, and she has no home. She is a wanderer: she is everywhere and nowhere, and her appearance is a sign. A sign that something big is coming. Hundreds of years ago, she appeared in Florence, just before the Guelphs and Ghibellines started fighting. Dante Alighieri saw her, you know. He was one of the Candida, and might have been the Visium… and though he was banished from Florence, he knew that it was for the better. He did not want to be killed, and he knew he would be if he stayed there. She was also sighted in Boston before the Americans and the British started fighting. And in France before the Revolution began.”

   He stops talking and seems to be almost lost in the story. His eyes seem to look at nothing.

   “What is the significance?” I ask, and with that, I pull him back to the present.

   “The person who can see her is possibly the new Visium. And the clan whose members have sighted her wins the fight.”

   “Why…” I start, “Why are you telling me all this? Won’t your colleagues be angry with you – if I’m not this Visium?”

   “They might not trust you,” he says and moves a bit so he sits facing me. “Yet I am a Reader. I know you are not lying even before you tell me so. But don’t worry, Signora, I cannot read everything, I can’t always do it. In most cases, I can only pick up the essence of a thought. I mean that I know if someone might think something evil, good, happy, sad or any other such shade.” It sounds unbelievable, yet in his eyes I can see that he is telling the truth.

   Léopold walks over to us and says, “It is time.”

   “Time for what?” I ask as Ferdinand helps me stand up. I notice that I am wearing a new dress – a gown, more like, in shades of gold – and I can tell my side is all bandaged. Although it aches, I am no longer in as much pain as I was before. I wobble as I stand in this fancy dress.

   “The current leaders of the clan are going to test you to see if you are lying or not,” he explains, “If you are not, they will likely keep you here. After all, you have seen the Lady in White. If they find out that you are lying…” his voice trails off ominously.

   “If I am lying, then what?”

   “They will kill you.”

   I try to hide my surprise. I do not think that it worked.

   “But do not worry, you have the sight. It is obvious.”

   I wish I could be as confident about this whole situation as Ferdinand is. He guides me through the long and dark halls of this perplexing structure and a stream of supportive statements come out of his mouth. Although I may be nervous, he seems just as or more so than I am. As we approach a large set of bronze doors, my nervousness increases to a point where I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to say one word.

   Two men stand at the gateway, and open the doors. We walk in. At one end of the long room, there is a large raised desk, like ones where judges sit at in court. Ferdinand guides me to the front of the room, and bows to the men sitting at the desk. He beckons for me to follow, and I curtsey, like the girls in the village taught me to do when I was younger. After we rose, Ferdinand moved off to the side of the room, leaving me there in the center, feeling isolated and anxious.

   “Lucrezia da Corinaldo,” an older man says. He is in the center of the desk, and must be the most important person there. His voice is deep and sends shivers down my spine. “You have been brought before us because Ferdinand de Renard claims that you have the sight. But, it would be foolish of us to trust the word of a single man, whether he is a Reader or not. Therefore, we need to test your credibility.” He comes down from the desk almost magically, appearing before me. He then motions for me to come closer. I do as I’m told, and almost fall over my own feet. “If you have the talent that Ferdinand claims, you should be able to share a vision of yours with me.”

   My eyes widen. “I…” I start speaking, but am unsure what to say.

   “Give me your hand,” he says and I place mine in his, which seems at least twice the size of mine. It may truly be, or I might just be very nervous. “And now, see.”

That’s so easy for him to say. I just got to know all this and he wants me to just ‘see’, like it would be the most normal thing to do. But then, just as I stop thinking for a moment, something crashes into my mind like a wave against a cliff.

   I am on the hill again. Behind me, the Apennine Mountains rise, and above me is my village. Across the way, I can see the woman in white. Her skin is pale and her hair is completely white. A white robe flows in the wind behind her. She notices me, and points, like she did before, her mouth open and eyes full of surprise. This time, I turn.

   I see a man coming to attack me. He is dressed in all black, and has a knife in his hand. He moves to stab me, but this time, I grab his hand, and pull it upward. Somehow, I manage to get him to release the weapon and drop it on the floor. He is full of surprise. I then whisper some words in an unknown language, and he fades away - literally.

I look into the distance, and see the white woman. She first bows to me, then turns around and walks into the distance.

   The next thing I know, I am on the floor in the large room. Ferdinand is beside me again, holding my hand and shaking my shoulder, trying to get me to awake.

   “What happened?” I ask drowsily.

   “You were seeing,” he explains, “for the Coryphaei.”

   “The what?”

   “The leaders of the clan.”

   “Oh… why am I on the floor, Ferdinand?”

   “You fainted. You were seeing for the Coryphaei, and something must have happened, so Gabriel von Eisenstein – the current leader of the clan, the one who was testing you – let go of your hand in surprise. And you fainted.”

   “Am I the Visible…?” I smile. My mouth isn’t working right - I couldn’t say ‘Visium’.

He laughs, “I do not know, Signora, they are conferring. We will know soon.”
   Everything begins to spin again. “Call me Lucrezia,” I smile, then I feel my head hit the floor. 

    I hope you enjoyed this new part. Please let me know in the comments below. 

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