Into the Unknown by Alice Reeds (new edition)

Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

   Hello there!
   As you all know I'm the author of the YA Dystopian novel Into the Unknown, the first novel in the "Hunting Freedom"-Trilogy. On October 2nd 2013 I first published Into the Unknown on amazon and smashwords but soon I realized that it needs a little more work. So, over the last couple of months I sat down, wrote 3 completely new chapters which give you another look on Bexx live before the actual story starts. Also, one of the 3 chapters gives you a little more info on the history of the unnamed city, the Collapse and the Rose.
   Everybody, who saw the reviews that were posted for this novel on goodreads, knows that the 1st edition contained quite a few grammar and typo issues. Well, don't worry, all of them have been successfully fixed and sorted out by my editor.
   Currently, the new editions, with an all new cover, are available on amazon and smashwords, soon also on the iBook store, Barnes & Noble and a few other places. At this very moment, as I am writing this text, my manuscript, cover etc. is being reviewed and proofed on CreateSpace, which means that soon you'll also be able to get yourself a paperback copy of Into the Unknown. So keep your eyes open for that. 

Into the Unknown by Alice Reeds
Published: October 2nd 2013
Available formats: kindle, ebook, paperback (soon) 
Series: Yes, #1 

   In a city without a name, ruled by the government of the Rose that came to save the citizens after the Collapse — an international war that ended forty-four years ago in a society meltdown — young Bexx Kajan was born into a working class family. She soon decides that she wants to join the army to fight for good. She’s a prodigy, a Captain, and leader of her own crew at age twenty-one. One month after Bexx receives the news that her sister Arihanne was killed, she’s sent on an almost-fatal solo mission that finally wakes her up.
   After dancing with death one too many times, Bexx finds herself amongst her former enemies, the rebels, and starts to uncover secrets about her own and the city’s past. Meanwhile, her doubts that Arihanne was killed accidentally during combat grow stronger, and Bexx decides she has to find the one who’s responsible for the murder.
  Into the Unknown, a journey full of truth, mysteries and action. (goodreads)

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