We the Hunters is out now!

Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

   Ladies and Gentlemen,
   The day has finally come - the release day of We the Hunters! I'm so excited for all of you to buy it, read it and, hopefully, love it! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.
   Personally, I still cannot believe that this is my second book that is now just out there waiting to be noticed and read. Looking back a few years I would have never thought that this would happen, or at least not when I'm 20. I thought that MAYBE I magically manage to write a book by the time I'm 40 or something but no, I managed to do it 20 years earlier.
   I had a lot of fun writing We the Hunters, especially because the story evolved and turned into something different than I expected or first planned for it to become, which by no means is something bad. I actually think that the final version which you can now go and buy is most definitely better then what I first had in mind for it.
   True to myself and my way of telling stories, the way things go in this book will in no way be easy for Bexx and Shannon to handle, but I mean if they would be, where would be the fun? Both of them develop over the course of this book and both get tested in several quite hard ways.
   Furthermore I hope that by the time you read the last page and last words of this lovely book, I honestly hope and pray you won't come and hunt me down for it. I guess we'll see about that.
   Anyway, I hope you guys will pick up We the Hunters and give it a try. Currently I am working on a new project which has something to do with the Hunting Freedom Trilogy but at first only in a indirect way. Yeah I know, sounds weird, right? Good. But, don't worry, once I'm done with it I will finish the third and final book in the Hunting Freedom Trilogy and then everything will make sense.
   Unfortunately, right now We the Hunters is only available as kindle/eBook/PDF/nook because it will take me a while until the paperback version will be out but I'm sure in a couple of months that will happen.

   Where to buy We the Hunters:
Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, iBook Store.

   Add it to your goodreads to-read: GoodReads

   And that is all from me today.


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