We the Hunters - UPDATE

Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

   Hello there everybody!
   I am coming with news regarding We the Hunters, the sequel to Into the Unknown!

   #1 - The editing process is finished. This means the We the Hunters has been nicely polished and all wrinkles, in form of typos and grammar issues, have been ironed out.

   #2 - Yesterday We the Hunters has received a brand new blurb, one that is definitely more exciting than the one that was holding its place for the past few months on goodreads. Here it is:

   She used to be a prodigy. Now she is a hunter.
   Bexx returns to the rebel camp after thirty days of solitude. But just as everything seems to be good again, her life comes crashing down.
   Both her past and present try to get her, turning her from hunter into hunted. Will Bexx be strong enough to survive even when loyalties will be tested, friendships will be broken and the line between life and death will turn paper thin?

   Now doesn't that sound much better?

   #3 - Now that everything is ready, all that is left before the actual publishing is putting it all nicely together for amazon and smashwords. This will take a couple of days as it is really tedious work which takes up more time than one would think it would.

   #4 - Listen up, this is the most important part of this entire post! (Insert drum roll) We the Hunters finally has a release date! It will come out on . . . Thursday, October 23rd 2014! Until then you can pre-order it or wait a week and buy it when it comes out.

   And that would be it for now! I hope you are just as excited about the release of We the Hunters, which comes closer with every new day, just as much as I am. I still can't belive this is actually happening.

   I hope you are having an awesome day!

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