Review Policy

   I happily accept review copies.

   If you are interested in sending me your book for review, please e-mail me at
   I promise to reply as quickly as I can.

   What to expect:
   While reviewing, I try to be as honest as possible, meaning that if I really like what I read, I will give it a higher amount of stars and if I really did not like it at all, you can be sure that I will give it the rating it deserves. If I feel like I cannot review your work accordingly, I reserve myself the right of declining to post a review. Of course I will inform you about this.

   If I accept your book to be reviewed, I will try to stick to the timelines of when the review needs to be up. Of course I can't 100% guarantee that the review will be up within the timeline but I will try my best. 

   To be honest, I do prefer books that are written in 1st person narration but, of course, I will also accept novels that are written in 3rd person.

These are the genres I accept:
  •  Young Adult
  •  Contemporary (which includes books about friendship, love (but not too cheese stuff aka. Nicholas Sparks like), angst, grief etc.)
  • Horror
  • Dystopian
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Paranormal (I do prefer Vampires, but werewolves are also okay. Not too big of a fan of witches and ghosts though...)
  • Chic lit
  •  Science Fiction

Genres I do NOT accept:
  • Historical Fiction
  • Books that play earlier than 1960’s
  • Christian/Religious Fiction
  • Non-fiction/self-help
  • Children/Middle
  • Poetry
  • High Fantasy

    I do prefer physical copies but I’m not opposed to digital copies. I own an iPad which allows me to read eBooks (ePub & Mobi).

   I welcome ARCs from both authors and publishers. I will post my review however you would like me to, before or after the book has been published.
    And of course I also take Self-Published works. I think if you had the dedication and the time/effort to actually write a novel and publish it, you definitely deserve to be read.

    I do not accept or receive any monetary compensation for my reviews. Some of the books reviewed have been provided by the author/publisher, and I will make note of this in the review post.

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