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Montag, 12. Januar 2015

   Hey guys!
   A few weeks back I shot a few videos with my bestie and today I finally managed to upload one of them, after having to edit it yesterday for like 2.5 hours. Anyways. This video, one of the three we filmed, is the TAG we came up with ourselves (whoop whoop for creativity) which involves music and books. A great combination don't you think?
   Basically we took ten different songs from different genres (quite randomly) and mixed them together with book types you were supposed to choose. Those books were inspired by whatever the song's title was. Does that explanation make any sense? I don't know, which is why below the video you'll find the list of songs we used.
   And here's the video, with my special guest. Enjoy!

   The Songs:
1 - Guns N' Roses - November Rain - Pick a book with a sad/tragic ending
2 - Queen - Another One Bites the Dust - Pick a book which a lot of killing in it
3 - Britney Spears - Oops!... I did it again - Pick a book you read more than twice
4 - Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - Your currently most anticipated book
5 - Florence + the Machine - No light, no light - Pick a book that was just so bad you'd like to lock it away in a dark corner and never look at it ever again
6 - Skylar Grey - Final Warning - Pick a book with a kick ass protagonist you'd not want to piss off
7 - My Chemical Romance - I'm  not Okay - Pick a book that deals with a hard topic like loss or bullying
8 - Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit - Pick a book you read which was outside of your usual comfort zone yet you still enjoyed reading
9 - Troye Sivan - Happy little Pill - Pick a book that makes you happy
10 - Ladyhawk - Dusk Till Dawn - Pick a book you read in one night/sitting

   Told you the songs were really random. If you want to do this TAG feel free to do so. If you do, leave a comment down below with a link to it or tweet me about it (@Alice_Reeds).

   I hope you're having a great day!

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