5 Songs I've been loving lately

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

   Hey guys!
   Today I want to talk about five songs I've been obsessing over lately. These are completely random songs but, I don't know if it's because of the shitty weather outside or the season itself, most of them have a sad/melancholic tone to them. 
   But, let's just get to the songs now so you'll see what I mean.

#1 - The Courage or The Fall by Civil Twilight
Album: /
Year: 2014

    I really like Civil Twilight. Their music is great so it came as no big surprise to me that I fell in love with this song. I love the tragic feel that this song has to it, and let's face it, it's a great song to write to if you are amidst a dramatic scene.


#2 - Break the Rules by Charli XCX
Album: Sucker
Year: 2014

I discovered Charli XCX through The Fault in Our Stars and its amazing soundtrack. But, I admit, I didn't really dive further into her music until I heard Break the Rules on the radio and fell in love with the energy that this song has. The song immediately makes me want to jump around, break stuff and just have a good time. It's a great song to listen to when you have a not that awesome day. It'll make you feel much better really fast.

#3 - England Skies by Shake Shake Go
Album: /
Year: 2014

The melody of England Skies is really beautiful, alongside the lyrics and the voice of the singer. It's a peaceful, evening type of song which always makes me think of happy things somehow. I stumbled upon this one while listening to a playlist on spotify, one that of course wasn't created by me, and I ended up playing it on a repeat for a while because I immediately liked this song.

#4 - Kommando Untergang by Anna Depenbusch
Album: Die Mathematik der Anna Depenbusch
Year: 2011

This one is quite the surprise I'd say. I'm not a big fan or music in German, simply because I dislike the way songs sung in German sound like and the fact that I immediately understand what the lyrics mean. I know, sounds weird considering that I also understand English songs immediately but, it's just hard to explain what exactly bothers me. But, with this song it's different. I enjoy listening to it a lot and I love the lyrics and the story they tell. I love the pain filled passages and the singers voice.

#5 - B a noBody by SOAK
Album: /
Year: 2014

Another very nice, soft and slightly melancholic song. It reminds me of a peaceful sundown on the beach or near a lake with a soft breeze and small, soft waves. I think this would be a nice song to listen to during a summer evening.


   And that is it. Those are the five songs I am currently listening to almost on repeat whenever I get the chance to listen to music. If you want to, tell me which songs you are currently loving down in the comments or tweet me about it (@Alice_Reeds).


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