The Fault in Our Stars Trailer!

Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014

   Ladies and gentleman, dear fellow nerdfighters,
   I present to you... The "The Fault in Our Stars" trailer in beautiful HD! I must warn you: prepare for the feels.

   I love the book, even though it ripped my heart out and my mom declared me crazy for reading a book that made me cry as much as it did. I've been waiting all day for the trailer, refreshing Facebook, Instagram and YouTube countless times till the time finally came. 
   When I first heard about the movie I was full of happiness yet I had doubts as to how good they will adapt the book into a movie. After I got to know who would play Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, the same actors who play Tris and her brother Caleb in Divergent, I had doubts. I don't know anything about their acting or how good they are. 
   Now, my doubts are gone. 
   The trailer is beautiful and made tears fill my eyes, which doesn't happen often. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort look great together and it seems like they have a perfect chemistry between each other. From what we get to see in the trailer, they simply seem like the perfect Hazel Grace and Augustus. Surprisingly enough, even my mother said so, even though she doesn't know the book or anything.

   Although I'm very happy that we got the see the trailer sooner, I'm sad that the trailer was leaked. It's not right and shouldn't happen. It's not fair towards the people who made it and also unfair towards John Green, the wonderful author of "The Fault in Our Stars".

   Anyways, after seeing the trailer I have three things on my mind: 
   1.) I want to see the movie so bad and I really don't want to wait till June. 
   2.) I want to read the book again and 
   3.) watch the trailer a few more times.

   After this long break of not posting anything, I'm happy that I could return to you guys due to this wonderful trailer. I'm hoping to post more regularly again, but unfortunately I cannot promise you anything. I'm curious what you guys think of the trailer. Let me know in the comment or on my Facebook page. 

  That's all I have for you guys today