Review: Ghost Stories by Coldplay (Album, 2014)

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014

Title: Ghost Stories
Artist: Coldplay
Released: May 16th 2014
Genre: Alternative Rock [1]

Track list:
1 - Always in my Head
2 - Magic
3 - Ink
4 - True Love
5 - Midnight
6 - Another's Arms
7 - Ocean
8 - A Sky Full Of Stars
9 - O (Includes hidden song "Fly On")

   I know, I normally don't do reviews for music but I got a request to do it, so here I am.
   Coldplay started out in 1996 but needed until 2011 or even 2012 to convince me that their music is actually phenomenal. I was anticipating this album quite a lot because I love both singles they've released: Magic and A Sky Full Of Stars. Luckily, those are not the only two songs on this album that will show you that Coldplay is an amazing band and this album more than worth listening.
   Because I don't pay attention to any of the celebrity gossip stuff or care about their personal life, I will not talk about the reasons why or why not Coldplay decided to create this album the way they did and made it sound this way. I know that the Rolling Stone did this but I didn't find it in any way helpful.
   What I can tell you, is what feeling this album creates for me. When I listen to it and close my eyes a very distinct picture forms inside my head: The moon high on the sky, shining silver and bright, its light reflecting on the calm water of the ocean and me sitting on the beach near the water. Something like a feeling of nostalgia, longing or simply the feeling that something is missing starts to flood me. Normally Coldplay albums always rather created a feeling of "Fix You", that all will be well yet Ghost Stories is more hunting and sad, though most of Coldplay's songs might be generally defined as "sad", one way or the other.
   And I definitely want to mention how much I love the cover. It's not just one of the boring ones where you just have a picture of the band or whatever, no, this one reflects both the title and the music. It's like a piece of art that I would totally put up on my wall. My copy came in like a thick paper sleeve, which just had the cover shown above without any writing on it, and inside is the normal plastic packaging, booklet and CD which we all know. I really like it when albums have this tiny extra stuff that makes it stand out.
   The one thing that makes me a little sad is that Ghost Stories only have 9 tracks. I would have wanted maybe like one or two more, but all in all it is still perfect. Maybe 9 is fully enough, especially when those nine tracks are as amazing as these ones.

   All in all I really like this album. The music is hunting, beautiful and nostalgic, just the way I like Coldplay, and works perfectly with the weather we currently have here (rain, cold, cloudy).

   I give Ghost Stories by Coldplay 5/5 Stars.

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