Review: Ignite by Lily Paradis

Freitag, 16. Januar 2015

Ignite by Lily Paradis
Published: August 26th 2014 by Empire Books
Number of Pages: 326 Pages (Paperback)
Series: Yes, #1

   After her father’s untimely demise in a mining accident and her mother’s abandonment, Lauren Lindsay is no stranger to loss. She’s used to living life for one person: herself. That is, until another family tragedy thrusts three children into her care and uproots her life in ways she could never imagine.
   Lauren's first instinct is to run, until she meets their striking, mysterious neighbor Dean Powell. Their immediate chemistry and his connection with her late father just might be enough to keep her in town long enough to uncover pieces of her past that she never had answers to. Dean’s shady past and her reluctance to trust him could cost her the life she's always been searching for, but will she run back to her old life?
   Or will she choose to stay and live the life her father always imagined for her? (goodreads)

"This was turning out to be a quick lesson in what not to do when you find out 
you've been given children as an early Christmas present." (Lauren)

   This book is an absolutely beautiful debut by author Lily Paradis. It had about anything and everything I wanted it to have and it was exactly what I needed. It also happened to be the first book I read in 2015 and it was great!
   Ignite follows Lauren Anabelle Lindsay who happens to meet the stunning Dean Powell at the DMV and, over the course of this novel, they have something wonderful going on. Besides that Lauren is also faced with the fact that her dad's wife dies unexpectedly and leaves Lauren her three kids, which of course is definitely not something Lauren expected to have to deal with at twenty one. But, she manages to handle the situation way better then I think most people would, especially at her age.
   This book is packed with twists and turns and unexpected events and it just seriously made me admire the author for managing to squeeze just so many things into these 326 pages, it's really unbelievable. But all of it was amazing and on point. Sure, it was just a tiny bit unrealistic and only a tat too sweet at times but that doesn't matter. It's perfect!

   The characters in Ignite are amazing. Lauren was a great protagonist and reading from her point of view was just really a lot of fun. She always found a way to say the right things or stay silent when needed but she also had her flaws which made her a very real, likable and strong character.

"No shit, Sherlock. It was my fault we'd been trapped by an avalanche. Who does that?
Only really, really stupid people." (Lauren)

   Dean on the other hand was flirty, witty and just all around a really fun character. His past was horrible but he grew a lot over the course of this book and, to be honest, I think every girl deserves to have a Dean in her life, despite his past.

“He was wearing glasses. Who was he, Clark Kent? No one looked this good all the time. 
It just wasn’t possible.” (Lauren about Dean)

   Even though I am not the biggest fan of kids I found the three, Chase, Emma and Callie, to be very interesting characters which never broke character and were very distinct and appropriate for their age. I didn't like Callie for a big part of the book but in the end I started to like her and Emma was just the cutest kid ever.

   All in all, Lily Paradis managed to simply craft a beautiful plot with great characters and fun dialogues which always gave you all the feels, especially toward the end of the book when all the pieces started to be put together and just this gorgeous picture opens up in front of it.
   Ignite is a great contemporary novel which I highly recommend to anyone who is up for a nice read which has it all.

   I give Ignite by Lily Paradis 5 out of 5 stars.

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