My Year In Music (Blogmas Day #15)

Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2015

   Welcome to Blogmas day 15!
   Today I'll be talking about music, again. But, this time I've consulted Spotify to find out what music I've listened to the most this hear, how much I've been listening to it time wise and so on. I've seen so many people talking about this so I thought I might share my results with you guys, especially since I've not actually taken a look yet so we'll, kind of, find out together.
   Counting just the music I'm listening to on Spotify I've spent 39.000 hours (27 days) listening to music. I've listened to 811 different artists and 2.146 different songs, which is crazy! I wasn't even aware of the fact that I know that many artists to be completely honest.
   Now, let's see, who were my top five most listened artists, along with how many times I've streamed their music:
  1. Years & Years - 581 streams
  2. Panic! at the Disco - 473 streams
  3. Hozier - 374 streams
  4. MS MR -372 streams
  5. Hurts - 359 streams
   That does look pretty legit if I think back to everything I've listened to in 2015. It's interesting how big the gaps are between places 1 to 3 yet how tiny between 3, 4 and 5. To be honest, I would have though I listened to Panic! the most this year, but I guess I was loving Years & Years quite a lot. Then again, their album is brilliant so no wonder.

   Next, let's have a look at my top five most streamed songs. I'm actually really curious about this one because I cannot even begin to guess which one might be on top.
  1. Pray to God by Calvin Harris feat HAIM - 69 streams
  2. King by Years & Years - 62 streams
  3. Collar Full by Panic! at the Disco - 57 streams
  4. Real (Original Mix) by Years & Years - 52 streams
  5. Desire by Years & Years - 51 streams
   I guess it comes as no surprise that Years & Years clearly dominates this list, though I'm actually really surprised by Pray to God being my most listened to song of the year. Who would have thought. But, I'm not surprised at all that Collar Full found its way into the top five since I've been really loving that one over the past two months or so.

   And lastly we have my top five most listened to albums. I'm going to take a very wild guess and say Years & Years will be high on this one. Let's see if I'm right:
  1. Hozier (Delux) by Hozier - 374 streams
  2. Secondhand Rapture by MS MR - 371 streams
  3. If You Leave by Daughter - 277 streams
  4. Chaos and Calm by James Bay - 274 streams
  5. Smoke + Mirror (Delux) by Imagine Dragons - 239 streams
   I'm actually surprised because Years & Years have not even made it onto this list, despite being my most listened to artist of 2015. Then again, I'm not surprised that Hozier won this one, closely followed by MS MR, because I really love his album a lot. And again, it's interesting how close place 1 and 2 are and also place 3 and 4.

   And that's it, that's my 2015 in music. I hope you enjoyed this little list, gotten to know my taste in music a little bit better. Share your most listened to artists, songs and albums down in the comments (no account required) or tweet them at me, @Alice_Reeds

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