FRACTURES cover and synopsis!

Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2019

Hey everyone!

   It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm sorry. But, today I'm dropping by to show you the cover and synopsis of the ECHOES sequel, FRACTURES, coming next year. I'm so excited for you to read it!
   In the comments below, let me know what you think!

Fractures by Alice Reeds
Expected publication: June 2nd 2020 by Entangled Teen

   They survived a plane crash.
   They survived life on a deserted island.
   They survived being hunted.
   Now they must survive the truth—they are not who they think they are.
   One minute they’re in Poland, subjected to gruesome tests they keep failing. No friends to support them. No family to claim them. No hope of ever living a normal life again.
   Then suddenly, they’re trapped on an abandoned freighter in the middle of the ocean and forced to fight for survival. No food. No drinkable water. No way to get home. And strange memories of another life they don’t understand.
   But how can they be living two separate lives, trapped in two separate places, at the same time? They’ll have to find the connection and uncover secrets that someone went to great lengths to keep hidden...if they’re going to survive long enough to find out who is behind it all.

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  1. I can't wait! I marked it to-read in October ;-).

  2. In den Filmen heißt es treffend: Heutzutage kennen die Menschen den Wert von allem, aber sie wissen nicht, wie sie etwas schätzen sollen.

  3. The cover of Fractures features a photograph of a woman's hands with a handprint outline on her skin, almost like a tattoo. The cover image establishes the tone for the entire best Mystery Novels. The story begins with Miriam, the main character, waking up in a hospital bed. She has no idea where she is or what has happened to her, and the physicians and nurses have no idea who she is or why she is there.

  4. Fractures is a chilling psychological thriller about a doctor whose life falls apart after a brutal attack. When the police find a dismembered body in the doctor's bathtub, he has no choice but to run from the law. With the help of a female friend, he assumes a new identity and begins a new life as a pediatrician in a different town. But after the death of a young girl, the doctor finds that he can't escape his past and must confront the truth about what happened to him.