Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

  Hey guys!

  It's almost November and you, may or may not, know what that means.... IT'S NANOWRIMO TIME! I'm sure many of you are asking yourselves now "What the hell is she talking about?", so let me explain.

   NaNoWriMo is the National Novel Writing Month where you get 30 days to write a (at least) 50.000 word novel. You have time from November 1st till 30th, where between the 25th and 30th you can upload what you wrote onto their page so they can check if you really wrote 50.000 or more words, and if you did you are a winner. As NaNoWriMo winner you get a lot of different possibilities of what you can do: many pages like or, which are pages that make becoming a self-published author happen, offer discounts on their services and many more.
   But, if you don't succeed or you are not happy with what you wrote, it's okay. Don't delete it or be sad, you tried which is already a huge step into the right direction, besides maybe in a month or two you'll read over your work again and come to the conclusion that it is not as bad as you thought.

   This year I'm going to participate for the first time (SO excited). I'm basically going to try and write my second novel for my "Hunting Freedom"-Trilogy, which is going to be a huge challenge as I have to manage not only writing at least 50.000 words but also school and all. But, I will still try and I encourage all of you, who like writing or have thought about writing a book, to also participate and who knows maybe in November you will write your first best-seller.
   If you decide to participate, you can add me as "writing buddy", which doesn't really give me anything besides having you as "writing buddy".

   Besides that, I also wanted to thank everybody who showed interest in my novel, Into the Unknown, till now and I want to encourage you to go and check it out if you didn't do it yet, especially if you are a fan of dystopian societies and such.


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