3 Year Blogversary!

Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016

   It's been exactly three years today since I sat down and set up this blog, posted my first post having no idea what the hell I was actually doing. Now, three years later, I still have no clue but I try to wing it anyways. Looking at all the things that happened across those years, I think I've done a good job, somehow. I still have no idea how I got here and how already three years have passed, but I think it's a great opportunity to look back at a brief history of this blog:

   Back in July 2013 I had the idea of setting up a blog for my reviews. On July 31st I posted my first introductory post and so the journey began, but this blog hasn't always been the way it was now. Back in 2013 I originally planned on only posting in German because I wanted this to be like a exercise for me to not forget how to properly use German. But, very quickly, I realized that most of the books I've read were not even out in Germany, and would probably not be for a while, so I switched to english, adding the occasional movie review to my repertoire.
   Along the way I had the opportunity to go to a movie premiere with my best friend where we got to see City Of Bones, which arguably was quite a shit movie, but that didn't matter to use much then. What mattered was being there, experiencing a movie premier and being in the same room was the actors we were about to see on screen. Amazing!

   Thanks to this blog I've got to chance to do many other amazing things, but above all, I've discovered some of my favorite books that I would've probably never found otherwise. I mean, this blog gave me my now two favorite books in this world, and I totally know you know which ones I'm about to name: The Mara Dyer trilogy by Michelle Hodkin and The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay. These books are amazing and I cannot get enough of them.
   But, I've also gotten the chance to receive a bunch of ARCs across the years, which truth be told is something I wasn't even aware was thing before getting into the book world and having this blog. Sure, I don't get like twenty physical ARCs sent to me by the big five publishers like some other bloggers do, but then again, this blog has never been about getting the most ARCs and bragging about them. I'm beyond thankful for all the eARCs I've gotten to read, the awesome books I enjoyed before they even came out.

   In 2015 I came across Francesca Zappia and her phenomenal novel, Made You Up. The idea popped into my mind that I wanted to interview her and talk about her book. With that idea, the Ask the Author segment was born and is still running to this day, even though it's been kind of on and off across the past two months. Ever since that post I had the pleasure of interviewing and interacting with an abundance of amazing authors, an experience I am beyond thankful for.

   Amongst my favorite people to interact with across the years were, in no particular order: Francesca Zappia (because of the above mentioned reason and because I loved her book), Andy Weir (because The Martian was literally everything and interviewing him was amazing and surreal // interview), Pintip Dunn (her books are phenomenal and she's such a nice person!), Amy McNamara (because her book was beautiful and showed a raw and stunning side of grief and just showcased impossibly beautiful writing // interview), Karen Fortunati (thanks to this blog I dare calling her my friend, her book is brilliant (review) and am beyond thankful for the time she took to have a look through some of my WIP) and Mia Siegert (whom I can now also call my friend, who is amazing and lovely, and let me read the first draft of her current WIP while she also read some of my WIP giving me amazing tips and critiques // review). Without this blog I would've never gotten the chance to talk to any of these people so this seriously all blows my mind.

   So, to celebrate, I've prepared a whole months of celebrations with a bunch of authors and people from the book community. I hope you're just as excited as I am, because I am busting with excitement tbh. Everyone who's part of this has answered a set of three simple questions (though they vary slightly between authors and book community people). I've enjoyed reading their answers so I hope you guys will too!

   Thank you so much for coming along this journey, thank you to regular readers and those who might be visiting this blog for the first time right now. The past three years were amazing and I cannot wait to see what the next years will bring, hoping you'll come along to see it with me.
   Cheers to three years and many more to come!

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