3 Year Blogversary Celebration featuring Pintip Dunn (Forget Tomorrow)

Montag, 1. August 2016

   Welcome to the first celebratory post for my 3 year blogversary!
   Today I have the amazing Pintip Dunn here for you guys. As you know I've loved, loved, loved Forget Tomorrow by her last year and cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel, Remember Yesterday, asap. I've also really enjoyed her second book, The Darkest Lie, because let's face it, Pintip is an amazing writer and I'd totally read anything she'll write in the future. You can, if you want, totally check out the guest post she wrote for my blog a while back right here.
   When planning this entire thing I knew I had to ask her if she'd want to participate and, luckily, she said yes so let's check out her As to my Qs below:

   1) What does YA mean to you?
   To me, the YA genre consist of stories about a teenager's journey in discovering his or her true self. I love reading and writing Ya because, often times, that true self is stronger and braver and wiser than the protagonist ever dreamed possible. I suppose these stories represent the best of humanity for me, and they makes me feel hope and joy and despair -- in short, the entire range of emotion.

   2) Since this is a blogversary, is there anything you'd like to say to the blogging community and are there any blogs you like/follow?
   Blogging community,
   I have been blown away by your passion for books and your kindness and generosity of spirit to each other, to authors, and to the characters you read. I feel grateful to be a small part of this community, and THANK YOU for being so awesome.
   Some of my favorite blogs are The Royal Polar Bear Reads, Bibliophile Soprano, and Farah & Laila: Bookworms. And, of course, yours, Alice!

   3) Could you tell us something about yourself and your books?
   Sure! I'm a Harvard and Yale Law grad, former lawyer turned author. I have three kids and live in Maryland, and I am completely obsessed with food, reality tv, and The 100.
   I write YA, in both the science fiction and contemporary thriller/suspense genres. My first book, Forget Tomorrow, is about a future world where memories can be sent back in time. My heroine, seventeen-year-old Callie, sees the unthinkable: her future self killing her sister. Now, on the run from both her future and the government, she must figure out how to protect her sister from the biggest threat of all -- herself.
   My second book, The Darkest Lie, is about a girl whose mom committee suicide after being accused of having sex with a high school boy. Now, amidst the bullying and harassment of her classmates, all CeCe wants is to fly under the radar. But when new boy Sam moves to town and CeCe begins to volunteer at the crisis hotline, she discovers her mother's death is not as straightforward as it appears.
   My next book to be published is Remember Yesterday, book 2 of the Forget Tomorrow series. It comes out October 4 of this year!

   Thank you so, so much to Pintip (website) for coming and answering my questions. What do you guys think of them? Also, have you read any of her books? If not you totally should give them a chance because they are amazing!
   The next post will be up July 3rd and feature the next amazing author. Anyone feel like blindly guessing who it might be?
   Thank you so much for reading!

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