3 Year Blogversary Celebration featuring Courtney C. Stevens

Dienstag, 9. August 2016

   Today I'm here with the amazing Courtney C. Stevens. I really enjoyed her marvelous novel, Faking Normal, because, let's face it, Courtney is a very talented writer and that novel was brilliant.
   Check out her As to my Qs below:

   1) What does YA mean to you?
   I see young adult the same way I see board games. Monopoly is for ages 8 and up. My books are for 12 and up. Publishers are suggesting the bottom age of what is appropriate. Everyone else is fair game. From braces to dentures, jump on board if the story resonates with you.

   2) Since this is a blogversary, is there anything you'd like to say to the blogging community and are there any blogs you like/follow?
   The blogging community has been very kind to me. Please know that your words have power. We are all doing the same thing--putting our words in the world and hoping they have transformative power. Thank you for using that transformative power on me.

   3) Could you tell us something about yourself and your books?
   Here is five sentence story about me:
   One of my first memories is jumping off the high dive at the local pool.
   I cried.
   I jumped anyway.
   I was three.
   Go forth and do likewise.
   If you like these five sentences, you'll probably like my books.

   Thank you so, so much to Courtney for coming and answering my questions. What do you guys think of them? Also, have you read her book? If not you totally should give it a chance!
   The next post will be up July 11th and feature the next awesome author.
   Thank you so much for reading!

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