Review: Placebo Loud Like Love TV (16.09.13)

Montag, 16. September 2013

   What an amazing event!
   For all you guys that have no idea what this "Loud Like Love TV" thing was - well, basically it was a ~90min live stream that featured the band, Placebo, playing songs from their new album "Loud Like Love", a little story time about the begging of the band, interviews with the Music Video director for "Too Many Friends" and the art director for the album cover etc. and many, many other things.
   All this could be watched Live, for free over YouTube and was simply a show to celebrate the arrival of the Bands now 7th Studio Album (holy cow!).

   I've been a huge fan of the bands for several years now and was looking forward to this show as I was curious how it would look like, and I have to admit I was more than satisfied with what we all got to see.
   Just like the host of the program, who's name I unfortunately forgot (I'm sorry!), said during the show, I also think that this program may have opened a new era and new way of how artists can connect with their fans all around the globe at the same time to share an experience and just have fun for an hour and a half. I love it when bands do things like this; it is amazing and just shows that even after 19 YEARS in the business you can still be excited about a new album and that you are still willing to entertain the listener and watcher on a whole new level and in a whole new way.
   I know that now all the Echelon who might be reading this will come around and criticize me for saying all this as the band 30 Seconds To Mars has done a few such shows before, too. BUT the significant difference between what they did and what Placebo did, is that Placebo did it all completely for free, no one had to pay a cent or watch any stupid commercials during the show whereas during the 30 Seconds To Mars events one had to pay $9.99, which isn't that much for some but for others that might be their pocket money for a whole month. Of course after watching Artifact I can understand why I guess they do it, or why one can justify those $9.99 but still. You know what I mean.
   There is just something about Placebo that makes them different and their sound very distinct and unique, in a way that if you hear them on the radio you immediately know it is them. And the thing that I love about them is that they grew as a band, as artists, with each album, creating new albums with so much emotion in them, simply amazing.
   Throughout the show I very much enjoyed their live performances, I love the songs from the new album and it made me more than just happy when they played the song "Teenage Angst" after Stefan's story about the beginning of the band.
   Also the "Placebo IQ" game was very amusing in which their 'new' drummer Steve was being asked questions to test his knowledge about the band. It was fun to see him at times fail and at times be proud to know the answer and as viewer also for myself to try to see how many of the questions I could answer.
   I found it amazing that they were from time to time reading out tweets from fans, that they had 4 fans from different countries ask questions and also the contest with spying the song title clues was amazing. I have to admit saw maybe two or three so congrats to those 2 fans who won the prizes. The contest between Steve on the drums and the boy from Japan was hilarious and just so entertaining.
   All in all, it is amazing to see that bands nowadays go with technology, that they use it to connect with fans all around the world, that they use it to celebrate and have fun all together. It's the way to go and I really hope more bands will get inspired by what Placebo did and maybe in the future more bands will do such events, who knows. I am most certainly looking forward to it.

   And, as last thing, I want to thank Placebo for making such an event, for doing it for free and at a time when the majority of younger listeners (at least in Europe) could watch the program and enjoy the new tracks and maybe rediscover their love for the band and their music, just like I did.  

   A big fat THANK YOU! [yes, I know that they most probably will never ever read this, but saying thank you is always the right thing to do.]

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

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