Review: The White Lilac by Christina J. Adams

Freitag, 13. September 2013

The White Lilac by Christina J. Adams
Published: February 20th 2012
Number of Pages: 334 pages (Paperback)
Series: No

From the day 15-year-old Caryn Tobin watched her best friend drown, she has carried two weights: a fear of water and the responsibilities of the oldest candidate in the Compound, a leading power on Beta Earth. Caryn is determined to live up to her friend’s memory, even if it means forcing herself to train in the water every day in order to protect the other girls so they can live and dream.
After nearly 3,000 years on the first colonized planet, there is still a deadly toxin in the air poised to wipe out the world’s population and it is the Compound’s purpose to train candidates from birth to gather the underwater cure. All the candidates compete for the chance to save the world, but only one can win and the winner will not survive collecting the cure. Caryn has to win. It is the price she must pay to atone for her part in the drowning.
Yet moments after sealing her own fate, Caryn is offered an opportunity to see the planet and leave the Compound for three days. In the city she meets Kai, a 16-year-old street kid, who is searching for answers to his past. They form an unlikely friendship and Caryn realizes she has dreams of her own. Her decision is further complicated when she discovers the Compound has been experimenting on the very people they are sworn to cure. Now she must choose between her sense of duty and her heart, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.(goodreads

    I received a copy of The White Lilac from the author, Christina J. Adams, in return for a honest review. I was quite looking forward to reading it, but it took me some time till I could find the time to start reading it.
   Unfortunately, when I finally started to read it I wasn’t quite a blown away as I hoped I would be. I liked the idea of Beta Earth, which is the future world in which the story takes place, but this whole business with the ‘Jiggers’, a kind of fish that gives off a toxic dust which makes the people sick and kills them, wasn’t quite my thing, even though the overall idea was really good and planned through. I think I’m simply not such a big fan of sci-fi books, anyways.
   But, I liked the main character Caryn, she was interesting and went through a natural change throughout the book, becoming someone stronger then she was at first. I’m always happy when I see that an author did not forget that characters change and not stay the same throughout the whole book. I also liked the fact that the author, Christina J. Adams, decided to write the book in switching perspectives between first person during Caryns chapters and third person during Kai’s, which was interesting and new and gave the book a uniqueness of its own.
   I wasn’t quite the biggest fan of the ending; I think the author might have incorporated something a little different, a surprising twist or something that’s a bit different.

   All in all it was a good read, the process of describing and building Beta Earth was very good and did not give anything crucial for the story away too fast. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the ‘Jiggers’ or the ending, but all in all I would still recommend it as it’s a fun read, not necessarily one that will blow your mind but still good.

                My rating: 3/5 Stars

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